Our Services


CAR FINANCE SERVICES Ties up with 32 banks and NBFCs

INSURANCE AND RTO Ties up with 16 insurance companies

1) Authorized Dealership

  •  GST No. registration and other registration
  •  Branding
  •  Promotion
  •  Agreement Via Company

2) Insurance portal

We have 32+ banks for Insurance, we will give you Insurance app and ID, and from that you can do Insurance. 

3) Finance Portal

We will give you three banks in your region for finance, we have also Self-Finance.

3) Auction

We have two types of auctions:-

  • Bank Auction: We will give you a auction code and you will get car directly from the bank.
  • EBC Auction

New Cars

We are the direct selling agent (DSA) with all companies, so it’s profitable for us, we can easily collect a new car from any ex-showroom without waiting in any service.

Also, We have some extra discount (20,000/-) on any new car.


Old Cars

You can sell any old car which is from auction or direct costumer car selling you will be profitable.

For ex. You will sell 2 car in month with margin 30,000*2=60,000/-

What we Provide

Generate Leads online for every franchisee.

At least 1 employee of Easy Buy Car working in every outlet.

24*7 Support.

Pan-India and local advertisement in Online and Offline Media.

Staff Training.


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